Surprise!!! Ringo Starr Has Two Tattoos On His Arms I Never Noticed

Today, I had the privilege of attending the Ringo Starr Photobook press conference in Hollywood, California at the Arclight Theatre and a short mini concert at SIR Rehearsal Studios.  In watching a short film presented at the press conference that included footage of Ringo and Paul McCartney performing The Beatles song “Birthday” live for Starr’s 70th birthday on July 7, 2010, I noticed tattoos on each of Starr’s inner forearms.

News to me!!!  Ringo usually wears a jacket or sportcoat in almost every photo so that explains why I never noticed his tattoos.

Ringo Starr Forearm Tattoos The Beatles

I’m not sure the exact dates that Ringo got his tattoos.  He spoke about them in an interview as far back as the year 2000.  The tats are pretty prominent in this 2008 program photo from Ringo & His All-Star Band Tour.

Ringo Starr Tattoos Inner Forearm The Beatles Tattoo

The tattoo on the left arm came first and is a shooting star crossing a crescent moon.  The second tattoo on the right forearm is a cross surrounded by a lotus flower.  Here’s a grainy close-up of Ringo’s ink…

Ringo Starr Tattoos Close Up The Beatles

I don’t think John Lennon or George Harrison had tattoos and I am pretty sure Paul McCartney doesn’t have one, so this makes Ringo the only inked up member of The Beatles.

Ringo Starr Tattoos The Beatles Forearm Tattoo

To the surprise of many, Kurt Cobain also had a small forearm tattoo.  Click below to check it out…

Kurt Cobain’s “K” Records Shield Tattoo

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