The “Dramatic” Jack White & Iggy Pop 2003 Photo Shoot

Jack White loves The Stooges and Iggy Pop.  White who cites Pop as one of his biggest influences has lots in common with his idol.  Both hail from the state of Michigan, both do not use their birth names, Jack White (John Anthony Gillis), Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg, Jr) and both kick ass.

Jack White The White Stripes Iggy Pop The Stooges

Check out these “very dramatic” yet bad ass photos of “The Godfather of Punk Rock” and White floating around the web from the October 2003 issue of Mojo Magazine taken by photographer Mick Hutson.

Jack White Iggy Pop The Stooges White Stripes

Jack White stands at about 6″2 and Iggy Pop is about 5″7 as you can see my this photo.

Jack White Iggy Pop Mojo Magazine 2003 Photo Shoot

“I’m in debt to The Stooges for life” – Jack White

Iggy Pop Jack White 2003

Meg White even joined in on the photo shoot.

Iggy Pop Meg White Jack White The White Stripes The Stooges

Jack White also contributed a quote to the liner notes to the reissue of The Stooges album “Fun House“, which he dubbed

“By proxy the definitive rock album of America”

White was later bummed out in 2007, when he offered to produce The Stooges comeback album and was turned down by Iggy.  Oh well…

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