The Buck Owens Acoustic Guitar Played By Pat Smear On Nirvana MTV Unplugged Belongs To Krist Novolselic

I have always been intrigued by the colorful acoustic guitar played by Pat Smear during the Nirvana MTV Unplugged In New York concert.

Pat Smear Nirvana MTV Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Kurt Cobain

Pat Smear Red White Blue Guitar Buck Owens Nirvana  MTV Unplugged

After doing a bit of research, the colorful guitar is actually owned by Krist Novoselic.  Here’s a photo of Krist playing his guitar…

Krist Novoselic MTV Unplugged Acoustic Buck Owens Guitar Pat Smear

The guitar is a Buck Owens American manufactured by Harmony.  This is essentially a dressed up version of the small body H1203 Sovereign known as the Western Special. Buck played the famous Red White and Blue guitar on the TV series Hee Haw.

Buck Owens Hee Haw Guitar American Pat Smear Nirvana Acoustic MTV Unplugged

Pat Smear Krist Novoselic Nirvana MTV Unplugged Buck Owens Red White & Blue American Acoustic Guitar

CMI (Chicago Musical Instruments) offered to license the model and sell it through Sears for $99. Here is a few of the Sears Catalog advertisements for the guitar.

Buck Owens Acoustic Guitar Sears Catalogue_Nirvana MTV Unplugged Pat Smear

The “Buck Owens American Guitar” was also played on Nirvana MTV Unplugged by The Meat Puppets Curt Kirkwood during the songs Plateau, Oh, Me and Lake of Fire.


Here’s a great photo of Smear showing the back of the guitar during the Nirvana Unplugged concert.

Pat Smear Acoustic Guitar Nirvana MTV Unplugged

This is the only other non MTV Unplugged photo I can find of Smear playing Novoselic’s Buck Owens acoustic while on tour with Nirvana.

Pat Smear Krist Nocolselic MTV Unplugged Acoustic Guitar Buck Owens Red White Blue

The guitar is currently on display at the Nirvana: Taking Punk To The Masses exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Nirvana Pat Smear MTV Unplugged Guitar Buck Owens Red White Blue American Acoustic Guitar

These guitars now sell for about $3,000 in good condition.  Ryan Adams also has a Buck Owens American…

Ryan Adams Acoustic Guitar Pat Smear Nirvana MTV Unplugged Buck Owens American

Cheap guitars rock…

Jack White’s 1964 JB Hutto Montgomery Ward Airline Guitar

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