Freddie Mercury Loved Riding Superheroes

Freddie Mercury made this Flash Gordon superhero shirt pretty famous.

Freddie Mercury Flash Gordon Queen Shirt Superhereos Superman Darth Vader

The Mercury superhero thing didn’t stop with that “Flash” shirt.  These photos below Mercury seemed to have somewhat of a superhero fettish.  Check out these awesome photos of Freddie riding Darth Vader from Star Wars during a 1980 Queen tour stop.

Freddie Mercury Queen Flash Gordon Shirt Darth Vader Stars Wars

Freddie Mercury Queen Darth Vader Star Wars

Freddie Mercury also once rode on the shoulders of Superman

Freddie Mercury Queen Superman Shoulders

Here’s the awesome video evidence of Queen performing “We Will Rock You” in 1979 at the Hammersmith Odeon while Freddie is being carried by “The Man of Steel” Superman.

Finally,  how about Freddie riding the shoulders of the great Santa Claus???  Yup, he did that too…

Freddie Mercury Santa Claus Shoulders Queen

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