The Girl Featured On The Alice In Chains “Dirt” Album Cover

Alice in Chains released their second album “Dirt” on September 29, 1992.  The cover featured an eerie image of a girl half buried in the desert dirt by photographer Rocky Schneck.

Alice In Chain Dirt Album Cover Girl Mariah O'Brien  Demri Parrott

It is assumed by most Alice in Chains fans that the model used for the album cover was Layne Staley’s girlfriend Demri Parrott.

Demri Parrott Layne Staley Alice In Chains Dirt Album Cover Girl

Although she looks exactly like Demri, the actual model used for the album cover is model/actress Mariah O’Brien.

Mariah O'Brien Alice In Chains Dirt Album Cover Model Demri Parrott

In 2010, Schneck told Revolver Magazine,

“Everyone always asks if that is Demri Parrott on the “Dirt” Cover.  I think Demri’s name might have been mentioned as a possible model once or twice, but it was never a serious consideration.”

Alice in Chains dirt album cover photo shoot model

Alice in Chains Dirt Album Cover model Mariah O'Brien

Schenck was familiar with O’Brien as he had previously used her as a model for the Spinal Tap single cover of “Bitch School“.

Spinal Tap Bitch School Mariah O'Brien Alice In Chains Dirt Model

After the eight hour “Dirt” photo session O’Brien rapidly darted off to the bathroom and left her wig embedded in the dirt.  Schenck snapped a few photos which were subsequently used for the 1999 release Alice in Chains Music Bank box set.

Alice In Chains Music Bank Dirt Album COver

Demri Parrott was later featured on the Mad Season album cover in 1995 and she sadly passed away in 1996.  Click below and check it out…

Mad Season “Above” Album Cover Based On Photo Of Layne Staley And Girlfriend Demri Parrott

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