What’s The Story Behind Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” Album Cover

Almost all of the Pink Floyd album covers were created by Storm Thorgerson, a founder member of graphic art group Hipgnosis until Roger Waters had a falling out with him before “The Wall” album.  When their 12th studio album “The Final Cut” was released on March 21, 1983, Waters created the not so impressive album cover himself.

Pink Floyd The Final Cut Album Cover Meaning

Upon looking at the artwork my first thought was, what does it mean???

The Final Cut” was an anti-war concept album so the cover is all about War, a favorite topic of Pink Floyd (Waters in particular).

The top left of the front cover shows a portion of a Remembrance poppy that has been used since 1920 to commemorate soldiers who have died in war.

Pink Floyd The Final Cut Remembrance Poppy Album Cover

The strips of fabric are four World War II medal ribbons laid out on a black fabric background. From left to right the medals are the 1939–45 Star, the Africa Star, theDefence Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.  Here’s a breakdown of the ribbons…

Pink Floyd The Final Cut Album Cover Meaning

Waters also dedicated the album that was provisionally titled “Requiem for a Post-War Dream” to his father, Eric Fletcher Waters who died in World War II.

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