Thom Yorke’s Lourve Museum Photobomb???

This hi-res photo of a woman standing in front of the huge painting “The Wedding at Cana” was taken inside The Lourve Museum’s (Musée du Louvre) Mona Lisa Room in Paris, France circa 2010.

Thom Yorke Photobomb Radiohead The Lourve

It wasn’t until she got home that she noticed that the man striking a pose to the left is Thom Yorke from Radiohead pictured with his wife Rachel Owen.

Thom Yorke Photobomb Radiohead The Lourve

Yorke was asked about the infamous photobomb during an online Q&A to which he jokingly answered,

“That is not me. This is madam Tussauds. misspelt probably,”

The most popular story ever posted on is another infamous photobomb by a member of Led Zeppelin.  Check it out…

Passed Out In A Led Zeppelin Shirt And Photobombed By John Paul Jones And Dave Grohl

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