Rock Stars Who Have Appeared On “SOA” Sons of Anarchy

Musicians wish they were actors and actors wish they were musicians.  Sometimes a great soundtrack makes a movie, sometimes a movie reminds you of a song.  However you want to look at it music & film go hand in hand.

Musicians on Sons of Anarchy

Check out this list of musicians that have appeared on FX cult classic show Sons of Anarchy

Henry Rollins 

(Season 2 – 10 episodes – 2009) 

Rollins portrayed the character AJ Weston, a Neo-Nazi set to terrorize SAMCRO. In the season 2 finale, Weston was released from police custody and eventually executed with a silenced pistol in a bathroom stall by Jax.

Henry Rollins Black Flag Sons of Anarchy SOA

Dave Navarro

(Seasons 5 & 6 – 4 episodes – 2012-2013)

Navarro portrayed Arcadio Nerona, a member of the Byz Lats and cousin of Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits). In episode 2 of season 6 Nero had to kill his own cousin Arcadio (Navarro) after he betrayed him.

Dave Navarro Sons of Anarchy Actor

Courtney Love

(Seasons 7 – 2 episodes – 2014)

Love portrays “Ms. Harrison”, Abel Teller’s Pre-K school teacher. Coincidently, Love’s real name is actually Michelle Love Harrison so she kept her real last name for the role.

Courtney Love Sons of Anarchy SOA

Marilyn Manson

(Seasons 7 – 3 episodes – 2014)

Manson portrays Ron Tully, a shot caller for the Aryan Brotherhood who is incarcerated in prison.

Marilyn Manson Sons of Anarchy SOA Actor

Here’s a photo Manson tweeted out of himself and Love attending the “Sons of Anarchy” premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre on September 6, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  Please note the rather rude comment…


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