Jimmy Page’s Book “Stamping” Tour

Usually after releasing a book, most actors, musicians, authors, politicians, etc., go on a major city book SIGNING tour to promote the release.  Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin released his 2010 autobiography entitled Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page via Genesis Publications in 2010.  Only 2,500 copies of the book were published, all of them were personally signed by Page for a price of £445 ($700 US).

Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page Book Stamping Tour 2014

On October 14, 2014, Genesis and Jimmy Page created a more accessible and affordable printing of the book, known as The Open Edition.  For this re-release Page would be making a few personal appearances at select bookstores.  Here’s a photo of the poster at the Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles for his November 11, 2014 appearance.

Barnes & Noble Jimmy Page Los Angeles November 11, 2014 Los Angeles

For this special engagement Barnes & Noble let the first 250 people, many of whom were lined up at 1:00 AM, get wristband and the opportunity to meet Page and get a STAMPED copy of his book later that night.  You heard me correctly, Page was “Stamping” not signing copies of his book.  Here’s a photo of Page at the signing with stamp in hand…

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Stamping Book November 11, 2014 Los Angeles

The stamp was described by Genesis Publications as a design, envisioned by Page, consisting of his signature “Zoso” logo, the location and date.  Here it is…

Jimmy Page Zoso Stamp Los Angeles Book Tour

My firsthand account of the event was rather positive. Page was gracious and polite and took the time to shake hands and speak individually to all in attendance.  Amazingly, these “Stamped” copies are now selling on e-bay for anywhere in the ballpark of $250-$400.  Here’s a look at the New York “Zoso” stamp from the New York event on November 5, 2014.

Jimmy Page ZOSO New York Book Signing November 5, 2014

Special thanks to Brian “Bnielz” Nielsen for the exclusive photos.

Led Zeppelin IV “ZOSO” Symbol Meanings

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