Kurt Cobain & Daughter Frances Bean Cobain Are Both “Dumb”

Kurt Cobain wrote the song “Dumb” in the summer of 1990 but the first version to be officially released was on the Nirvana In Utero album in 1993.  Check out his (NOT FINISHED) lyrics from the Kurt Cobain Journals book where he proudly proclaims:

“I Think I’m Dumb”

Kurt Cobain Dumb Lyrics Notebook Journals Frances Bean

Not too long ago I came across this photo of Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain playing the guitar where I noticed that like father like daughter she proudly proclaims “I’m Dumb” as well…

Frances Bean Cobain "I'm Dumb" Kurt Nirvana Playing Guitar

I guess, the writing is on the wall when it comes to the Cobain’s.

Kurt Cobain Frances Bean Cobain I'm Dumb Playing Guitar

Pretty cool and to think that Nirvana is not even her favorite band…

Frances Bean Cobain’s Favorite Band Is…Oasis!!!

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