The Tacky Shirt Malcolm McClaren Made After Sid Vicious “Allegedly” Killed His Girlfriend

Nancy Spungen (groupie/stripper/prostitute) at the age of 17 moved to London where she met Sex Pistols Sid Vicious leading to a drug fueled 23-month tumultuous relationship that ended in both of their deaths.

Sid Vicious Nancy Spungen Shirt Im Alive Shes Dead Im Yours

After the Sex Pistols broke up in January 1978, Spungen and Vicious moved to the Hotel Chelsea in New York City.  They stayed in room 100 and were registered under Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Ritchie, Vicious’ real name.  On October 12th 1978, between the hours of 4 AM and 9 AM, Spungen was killed in the bathroom by a single stab wound to the stomach.

Sid Vicious Nancy Spungen Sex Pistols Death Shirt

Sid was arrested for the murder but was bailed out of jail by Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McClaren who had already printed up these shirts and sold them at his King’s Road boutique named “Sex” with this classy slogan,

‘I’m Alive, She’s Dead, I’m Yours”

I'm Alive She's Dead I'm Yours Nancy Malcolm McClaren Sid Vicious Shirt

Here’s a photo of the boutique “Sex” that McClaren owned with Vivienne Westwood that sold the shirts…

Malcolm McClaren Vivienne Westwood Sex Boutique King's Road Sid Vicious Sex Pistols

Before his death Sid said that Nancy hit him and he hit her on the top of the head and knocked her onto the bed.

“I stabbed her but I didn’t mean to kill her. I loved her, but she treated me like shit.”

sid vicious Knife Nancy Spungen Sex Pistols

It’s probably the craziest punk rock story of all-time.

Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols Died Here in New York

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