Dave Grohl’s Homage To Black Flag’s Greg Ginn On His Dan Armstrong Ampeg Guitar

Dave Grohl on his Black Flag tattoo:

“When I was 12 or 13, I gave myself a Black Flag tattoo, prison style, with a needle and pen ink.”

Dave Grohl Black Flag Tattoo Dan Armstrong Guitar Greg Ginnphoto credit: Erik Schneider (@monolenz)

When asked why the tattoo only has 3 bars instead of 4 Grohl explained, “It hurt”.  Years later with the Foo Fighters, Grohl didn’t forget about his childhood heroes and paid homage to Black Flag by playing a Dan Armstrong Ampeg lucite guitar and duct taping the Black Flag band logo to the guitar just like guitarist Greg Ginn did.

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Dan Armstrong Ampeg Clear Black Flag Greg Ginn

Here’s Greg Ginn clear guitar.

Greg Ginn Black Flag Dan Armstrong Clear Lucite Ampeg Guitar Dave Grohl Foo Fighters

Everybody from Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood, Randy Rhoads, John Frusciante and many others have played the Plexi-Glass Ampeg. I even saw one for rent at S.I.R. rehearsal studio in Hollywood.  Check it out…


The Dan Armstrong Lucite Ampeg “Clear” Guitar

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