The List of “Roadie” Mal Evans’ Film & Musical Contributions To The Beatles

Malcolm “Mal” Evans is best known as the road manager, assistant, bodyguard and friend of The Beatles.

Mal Evans The Beatles John Lennon George Harrison

In the early 1960s, Evans was employed as a telephone engineer and a part-time bouncer at The Cavern Club, where The Beatles regularly performed. As The Beatles gained popularity their manager Brian Epstein hired Evans to serve as their assistant road manager.  Since Evans was tall and heavily-built he also served a dual-purpose as the band’s bodyguard.

Mal Evans The Beatles Beatlemania Bodyguard On Stage

Evans was also in charge of setting up The Beatles equipment and taking care of whatever the boys needed at home or on the road.

The Beatles Ringo Starr Bodyguard Road Manager Mal Evans

Although not a musician, Evans contributed to many Beatle recordings, and appeared in all of the films The Beatles made.  Here are some photos of him from A Hard Days NightMagical Mystery TourHelp! and Let It Be.

Mal Evans The Beatles A Hard Days Night

Mal Evans The Beatles Help Swimmer Snow

Mal Evans The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Mal Evans The Beatles Let It Be Get Back

The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, but Evans carried on assisting the band and working with them in the studio.


Here is a list of Mal Evans musical contributions on Beatles albums.

Yellow Submarine

Evans ontributed his voice.  He also ransacked the store cupboard next to Studio Two for a range of instruments and implements, such as chains, a ship’s bell, whistles, hooters and thunderstorm machines that were to be used on the recording. After recording the overdubs, Evans strapped on a marching bass drum and led everybody in a line around the studio doing the conga dance while banging rhythmically on the drum.

You Won’t See Me

 Evans played single organ note.

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

Evans played harmonica, kazoo, and organ. McCartney explained that he showed Evanswhere the note was on the organ, and then nodded his head when he wanted Evans to play, and shook it when he wanted him to stop.

Lady Madonna

Evans was sent to Abbey Road’s lavatories to collect toilet paper (which was stamped with the words, “PROPERTY OF EMI”).  This was used to cover hair combs, which Evans and others blew through to resemble the sound of a kazoo orchestra.

A Day in the Life

Evans controlled an alarm clock and counted the measures in the original 24-bar break. The intent was to edit out the alarm clock when the missing section had been filled with music, but as it complemented McCartney’s piece (the first line of McCartney’s section began with, “woke up, got out of bed”) the decision was made to keep the ringing, although George Martin later commented that editing it out would have been unfeasible.  Evans was also one of the five piano players simultaneously hitting the last chord of the song.

Dear Prudence

Evans played tambourine.

Helter Skelter

Evans played the saxophone. He played a double solo with Lennon, although neither of them was proficient on the instrument.

You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

Evans contributed background vocals and shovelled a bucket of gravel (as part of the rhythm).

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Evans hit an anvil.

Bang Bang Maxwell Silver Hammer The Beatles Mal Evans

Evans continued to work with all The Beatles after they broke up.  He was with John Lennon during his infamous “Lost Weekend” in Los Angles. Evans was killed by the Los Angeles Police Department on January 5, 1976 under some strange circumstances.  Read about it here…

Mal Evans, The Beatles “Roadie” Was Shot By LAPD Here

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