Joe Perry of Aerosmith Knows How To Make A Rock N’ Roll Marriage Work

Joe Perry married his second wife Billie Montgomery in 1985 after they met on the set of his Joe Perry Project “Black Velvet Pants” video in 1983.

Joe Perry Wife Billie Montgomery Aerosmith

As far as Rock N’ Roll marriages are concerned this one has worked for over 30 years.  Perry loves his beautiful wife so much he had her likeness airbrushed on his Gibson B.B. King “Lucille” Custom guitar.

Joe Perry Billie Perry Guitar Gibson Aerosmith

The customized “Lucille” model guitar also has his wife’s signature on the headstock.

Joe Perry Aerosmith Billie Perry Guitar

Perry commented on this guitar during one of interviews:

“I wanted to put the most beautiful woman I could find on there, so naturally, I chose my wife. I sent it out to an airbrush artist and he did a great job. When I got it back, I opened the case and gave it to Billie, and she hated it. She was so embarrassed she refused to come out of the dressing room at Aerosmith shows when I was using it. She couldn’t stand the sight of seeing herself on a 30- or 40-foot screen at shows. Now, she’s okay with it…My Billie guitar rings like a bell when the volume is down. When you turn it up, you can get a great rock ‘n’ roll crunch, and it’s a good heavy metal guitar too. It does everything well. That guitar is really special.”

Joe Perry Guitar Aerosmith Billie Montgomery Gibson B.B. King Lucille

What a beautiful love story.  On a side note: While looking up photos of the “Billie Perry” guitar I noticed a photo of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page taped to Perry’s amp.  Bad Ass!!!

Joe Perry Billie Guitar Aerosmith Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

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