Brian Wilson Showed Up To Keith Moon’s 28th B-Day Party In A Bath Robe

Sometimes you just come across a random photo that throws you for a loop.  This photo of The Beach Boys Brian Wilson wearing a robe at a party and chatting with The Who’s Keith Moon is that kind of photo.

Keith Moon Birthday Party The Who Brian Wilson Beach Boys

After doing some research the photo was snapped by James Fortune at Moon’s star-studded 28th birthday party, held on August 28, 1974 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.  Check out some of the others that showed up at the party…

Ray Manzarek – The Doors

Keith Moon Birthday Party Beverly Hills Ray Mnzarek The Doors Who

Iggy Pop – The Stooges

Keith Moon Iggy Pop Birthday Party 1974 Beverly Hills

Linda Lovelace & Micky Dolenz – The Monkees

Linda Lovelace Micky Dolenz The Monkees Keith Moon Birthday Party 1974

Moon the Loon” sure knew how to party.  Check out his infamous 21st birthday party in Flint Michigan, where he allegedly drove a car into a pool.

Keith Moon Drove A Car Into A Pool At A Holiday Inn On His 21st Birthday

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