Love This!!! Frank Zappa’s Kids Filling Dads Handprint at Guitar Center “RockWalk”

Every once in a while I come across a photo in one of my feeds that really stands out and strikes a touching nerve.

Frank Zappa Kids Guitar Center Hollywood Hand Print

These photos of two of Frank Zappa’s kids Diva and Ahmet placing their hands inside their famous fathers handprint at the Guitar Center Hollywood RockWalk.

Here’s Frank’s youngest daughter Diva filling in the hands of her father.

Diva Zappa Frank Zappa Daughter Handprint Guitar Center RockWalk

And here is Frank’s son Ahmet doing the same.

Frank Zappa Kids Guitar Center Hollywood RockWalk

Click the story below to check out the infamous Zappa/Hendrix guitar his other son Dweezill Zappa once put up for auction.

Frank Zappa Jimi Hendrix Guitar

The Famous Zappa/Hendrix Burnt Guitar

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