The Beatles “All You Need Is Love” Our World TV Special Live Broadcast

In 1967, the BBC commissioned The Beatles to come up with a song with a message understood by everyone for the Our World Broadcast. The program would be the first live global television link and would be watched by over 400 million in 25 countries broadcast via satellite on June 25, 1967.

All You Need Is Love The Beatles Our World Broadcast

photo credit: David Magnus

Proving just how “alien-like” The Beatles were.  The band hit the studio on June 14, 1967 a mere 11 days before the live broadcast and wrote and recorded the anthem “All You Need Is Love“.  John Lennon playing harpsichord, Paul McCartney on double bass, George Harrison on violin (playing the instrument for the first time in his life), and Ringo Starr on drums as well as all their normal instruments.

The Beatles All You Need Is Love Sticker Our World Tv Special

photo credit: David Magnus

In all the promotional photos for the “Our World TV Special” I noticed all The Beatles sans Harrison had these cool little stickers on their jacket lapels with a man on them and wondered what it was.

The Beatles All You Need Is Love Our World TV Special

The Beatles All You Need Is Love Our World Tv Special Logo

photo credit: David Magnus

After some research and hoping for a deep meaning…DUH!!! It’s just the logo of the Our World Special.  It’s still cool though.

Our World The Beatles TV Special Broadcast Logo All You Need Is Love

The drum kit that Starr used for the TV Special does have a little hidden Paul Is Dead clue.  Click below and check it out.

Another Paul Is Dead Clue: Magical Mystery Tour Hidden Message “Love The 3 Beatles”

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