Is That Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on “The Price is Right” Game Show???

Check out this 2002 photo that has made the rounds for years claiming to be Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails in the audience of the American TV game show “The Price is Right“.

Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails with Grandfather Bill Clark The Price is Right Gameshow

After doing some extensive research, I can confirm that that is indeed Mr. Trent Reznor clapping and smiling in the audience.  He is actually sitting next to his Grandfather Bill Clark with whom he lived with as a kid after his parents divorced.  You can even see the name BILL on his “Price is Right” name tag. Check out another photo of Grandpa Bill with grandson Trent confirming that he is the man sitting next to Reznor in the audience.

Trent Reznor NIN with Grandfather Bill Clark on The Price is Right Game Show 2002

In a 1995 interview when asked about the grandson he adored, Mr. Clark, remarked,

“Music was his life, from the time he was a wee boy. He was so gifted.”

I even found a photo of the proud Papa wearing a Nine Inch Nails “NIN” logo shirt with two of his great-grandchildren on his lap.

Trent Reznor Grandfather Nine Inch Nails Shirt The Price is Right

William “Bill” Paul Clark, passed away Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010, just three months short of his 100th birthday of a leukemia-related illness.  In researching “The Price is Right” photo, I even came across this awesome photo of the coolest gramps in the world, Bill with the late David Bowie with whom his grandson worked on a lot of music with.

Trent Reznor Grandfather Bill Clark David Bowie Nine Inch Nails NIN The Price is Right

The Trent Reznor “The Price is Right” mystery is now solved.

On a side note, living in Los Angeles I get to see some cool stuff.  I was backstage at CBS Studios in Beverly Hills, California and got to see the actual wheel used on the “The Price is Right”, check it out…

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