A Kurt Cobain Drawn “Elvis Cooper” Character Became A 1989 Nirvana Concert Poster

I recently came upon this early Nirvana photo taken on June 24, 1989 at Al’s Bar, Los Angeles, CA. The photo shows Kurt Cobain & Krist Novoselic on-stage along with rhythm guitarist Jason Everman and drummer Chad Channing.

Nirvana June 24, 1989 Al's Bar Los Angeles Elvis Cooper Poster Banner Drawing

The first thing I noticed was the awesome Elvis PresleyAlice Cooper Nirvana Poster behind the band!!!

Nirvana Elvis Cooper Alice Presley Kurt Cobain Banner Drawing Poster Journals

I immediately remembered another “Elvis Cooper” drawing Cobain had made in one of his notebooks included in the Journals book.

Elvis Cooper Kurt Cobain Journals Alice Presley Nirvana Poster

I wonder where this poster is now??? Here’s a couple more photos from that Al’s Bar Los Angeles, CA show of 1989.

Nirvana Poster Elvis Cooper Los Angeles Al's Bar June 24, 1989

Here’s a great photo of Channing right in front of the banner.  Photo by: KRK Dominguez.

Kurt Cobain Alice Cooper Elvis Presley Banner Poster

Click below to order one of these signed, numbered and suitable for framing prints of Nirvana’s 1989 Al’s Bar show below for a reasonable $25.00.

Nirvana Al's Bar June 24, 2989 KRK Dominguez

Kurt was quite the artist, as a boy he made this pretty awesome Michael Jackson caricature.

Kurt Cobain Michael Jackson Drawing Nirvana Shirt

Kurt Cobain And Dave Grohl Wearing The Same Michael Jackson Tee Shirt

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