UNCOMFIRMED: The Last Photo of Kurt Cobain Alive – March 24, 1994

We had written a story years ago about the last photo of Kurt Cobain alive taken on March 12, 1994 at Seattle Sea-Tac Airport. Thanks to a feelnumb.com reader (Andrew Davidson) who informed us of a recent photo that has surfaced that if proven true, would be the very last photo of Kurt Cobain alive. It was claims to have been taken in Seattle on March 26, 1994, 10 days before his death and the day after the infamous Cobain drug intervention.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Last Photo March 26, 1994 Thor Lindsay Seattle

The man in the photo with Cobain is Thor Lindsay, who was the executive producer of the Kurt Cobain/William S. Burroughs 1993 single “The Priest They Called Him”.  Thor’s friend Christopher put the photo on Instagram on February 25, 2016 with the following explanation.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Last Photo Alive March 26, 1994 Thor Lindsay

He later posted a color version of the photo and gave a bit more of an explanation promising more info:

Kurt Cobain Last Photo Thor Lindsay March 26, 1994 NIrvana

The band The Dandy Warhols tweeted this on March 6, 2016 showing a larger version of the photo.

Let the debate begin, as fans on www.livenirvana.com are already on the case. Some fans are already claiming that Cobain looks too healthy in the photo, questioning the length of his hair and saying that the photo was most likely taken sometime in 1993.  Weigh in and leave a comment.

Check out this cool story about Kurt Cobain’s last autograph at the airport on April 2, 1994 but dated by Cobain April 5, 1994 which was the day of his suicide.

Kurt Cobain Last Autograph Seattle Sea-Tac Airport April 2, 1994 dated April 5, 1994 Nirvana

Did Kurt Cobain Forecast His Date Of Death On His Final Autograph???

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