May 24, 1996 – Brad Nowell’s Last Concert Performance with Sublime

Brad Nowell played his last show with his band Sublime on May 24, 1996 at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, California.  Sublime had just kicked off a quick five day tour a month before the release of their self-titled major label album debut “Sublime“.

Here are some photos from his final concert.

Sublime Last Concert May 24, 1996 Petaluma California Brad Nowell Death

Brad Nowell Sublime Last Show Petaluma California May 24, 1996

Brad who just a week earlier had married the mother of his child, Troy Dendekkerand in Las Vegas, had been clean for 5 months but shot up before the performance and played the show high.

Brad Nowell Last Concert Sublime Petaluma California Mat 24, 1996

The Phoenix Theatre is located at 201 Washington St, Petaluma, CA 94952.  Here is what the venue looks like…

Phoenis Theater Petaluma California Sublime Last Show May 24, 1996

This photo of Nowell with fans after the concert is possibly the last photo of Bradley Nowell alive.

Sublime Phoenix Theatre Petaluma California Bradley Nowell Last Concert Show

There are several audio bootlegs of the show and only one video version of the concert was recorded.  The man that owns the video footage has only released part of it (4 songs) to Nowell’s family, friends and VH1 to make Sublime: Behind The Music episode.  The live videos on youtube claiming to be his last concert are incorrect.

This is the final song “Hope” played by Sublime that night along with photos from the final concert.

After the show Brad partied into the night in San Francisco where Sublime was set to play the following night.  After checking into the Oceanview MotelBrad trailed off with someone to score dope and wasn’t seen the rest of the night and died the next morning.

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Brad Nowell Of Sublime Died Here In San Francisco

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