Arctic Monkeys “Suck It and See” Album Named After Graffiti in A Clockwork Orange

The Arctic Monkeys released their fourth studio album titled “Suck It and See” on June 6, 2011.  The album cover simply reads “Suck It and See”, an English idiom simply meaning that something must be tried first.

Arctic Monkeys Suck It and See Album Meaning A Clockwork Orange graffiti

But the album was actually named after the graffiti seen in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 cult-classic film A Clockwork Orange. Here’s a screen grab from the movie where Alex DeLarge waits outside of a broken elevator inside of his decrepit apartment building and you can clearly see the “SUCK IT AND SEE” writing on the wall.

Arctic Monkeys Suck it and See A Clockwork Orange graffiti Alex DeLarge

A Clockwork Orange Suck It and See Arctic Monkeys Album Title

When it was released, “Suck It And See” was deemed “too rude” by some American record stores and were sold with an Arctic Monkeys sticker over the title.  Alex Turner said of the American reaction to the the album’s title:

“They think it is rude, disrespectful and they’re putting a sticker over it in America in certain stores, big ones.”

Arctic Monkeys Suck It And See Censored Sticker America

I don’t know if this was the bands reaction to stupid censorship but check out the photo used on the “Suck It and See” single featuring drummer Matt Helders on the cover.

Arctic Monkeys Suck it And See Matt Helders A Clockwork Orange

Thumbs up to Matt for that one!!!  Helders sometimes puts the numbers 0114 on his drum kit, click photo or link below to find out why… A special thanks from to Hailey Gross for the tip on the cool Arctic Monkeys/A Clockwork Orange story.

Arctic Monkeys Matt Helders 0114 Dums Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys 0114 Drumkit Meaning

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