Not Even Close to Bob Marley – Mick Jagger Announces Baby Momma #5

Although he already a Great-Grandfather, Mick Jagger is making a late run to catch up to the Rock N’ Roll “baby momma” godfather Bob Marley who had 9 baby mommas and 12 kids.  Jagger is already father to 7 kids with 4 different mothers and just announced at the age of 72 he is having baby #8 with mother #5.

Here’s the rundown:

Baby Momma #1 – Marsha Hunt

Mick Jagger Marsha Hunt Baby Momma Daughter Karis Rolling Stones

Daughter Karis Hunt Jagger born November 4, 1970

Mick Jagger Daughter Karis Hunt Jagger Marsha Hunt Children Baby Momma

Baby Momma #2 – Bianca Jagger

Mick Jagger Baby Mommas Bianca Jade Daughter Rolling Stones Children

Daughter Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger born October 21, 1971

Mick Jagger Daughter Jade Bianca Baby Momma Children Rolling Stones

Baby Momma #3 – Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger Jerry Hall Baby Momma Children James, Georgia-May--Scarlett-Gabriel

Daughter Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scarlett Jagger born March 2, 1984

Mick Jagger Daughter Elizabeth Lizzie Scarlett Daughter Baby Momma Rolling Stones

Son James Leroy Augustin Jagger born August 28, 1985

Mick Jagger Son James Rolling Stones Baby Momma

Daughter Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger born January 12, 1992

Mick Jagger Daughter Georgia May Baby Momma Children Rolling Stones

Son Gabriel Luke Maurice Jagger born December 9, 1997

Mick Jagger Son Gabriel Rolling Stones

Baby Momma #4 – Luciana Gimenez

Mick Jagger Luciana Gimenez Son Lucas Maurice Rolling Stones

Son Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger born May, 18 1999

Mick Jagger Luciana Gimenez Lucas Baby Momma Children Rolling Stones

Just announced on July 14, 2016. 29 year-old American ballerina is soon to be:

Baby Momma #5- Melanie Hamrick

Mick Jagger New Baby Momma Melanie Hamrick Rolling Stones

Marley died at the young age of 36 and still managed to have 12 children with 9 women.  Can you imagine how many kids he would have had if he had lived as long as Jagger???

Bob Marley Mick Jagger Children Baby Mommas

Bob Marley: All His Children & 9 Baby Mommas

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