feelnumb.com VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: The Doors (Robby Krieger & John Densmore) Perform “L.A. Woman” Live in Venice Beach

January 4, 2017, Venice Beach, California – I had the pleasure to attend a special ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Doors in their hometown and on the streets where the band was formed.  The Doors surviving members John Densmore and Robby Krieger were both in attendance for this special “Venice Lighting Ceremony” where they declared it The Doors day in Los Angeles!!!

The Doors Day Venice Beach California L.A. Woman Live January 4, 2017 feelnumb.com krieger densmore

photo credit: Raul Rossell of feelnumb.com

Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida and Ray Manzarek was born in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois so it was fitting that the two Southern California natives Densmore and Krieger were there in Venice Beach, California right where it all began. Krieger said:

“We started up right here in Venice, and we’re ending up right here in Venice too, It’s all a cycle.”

Check out some exclusive video from behind the stage of Densmore & Krieger crossing the street on their way to the stage and footage of the actual lighting ceremony.

The best part of the night was when Densmore & Krieger performed “L.A. Woman” live on-stage!!!

The Doors Day Venice Beach California Robby Krieger John Densmore Live LA Woman

They were a little rusty and did a restart but once they got going it was amazing.  Check out our exclusive video…

Click photo or link below to see the photos of Jim Morrison’s last performance with The Doors.

Jim Morrison Last Show New Orleans The Doors December 12, 1970

Jim Morrison’s Last Show With The Doors December 12, 1970 At The Warehouse New Orleans

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