Check Out Axl Rose Sporting a Vintage Cher “Heart of Stone” Tour Shirt after Guns N’ Roses Sydney Concert

One of our followers on instagram posted this photo of her and Axl Rose after the Guns N’ Roses Sydney, Australia show on February 10, 2017.

Axl Rose Cher Tour Shirt Guns N' Roses Sydney Australia

photo courtesy of: @itsokayimwiththeband

Being that I used to own a few vintage t-shirt stores, I immediately noticed that Rose was wearing a Cher tee and after doing some research I found some interesting things about the shirt.  It is from Cher’s 1990 “Heart of Stone” Tour.

Cher Heart of Stone 1990 Tour Shirt Axl Rose Guns N' Roses

Funny thing about this shirt is that some versions (including the one Axl is wearing) have a fake airbrushed tattoo on Cher’s left arm that she has never had and doesn’t exist.  Here’s the “tattoo version” and the original photo used for the shirt.

Cher 1990 Heart of Stone Tour Shirt Axl Rose Guns N' Roses 2017

Here’s the real tattoo Cher put on her left arm years later.

Cher Arm Tattoo Heart of Stone Tour Shirt 1991 Axl Rose

I have always been interested in the shirts Axl wears.  Remember his famous Jesus “Kill Your Idols” shirt???  Click photo or link below to check it out…

Axl Rose Guns N Roses Kill Your Idols Jesus Shirt

Axl Rose “Kill Your Idols” Jesus Shirt & Charles Manson Shirts

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