A ROCK HISTORY FIRST??? Chris Cornell Autographed Soundgarden Ticket – Date of Death & Last Performance May 17, 2017

May 17, 2017 – This could be a first in rock history!!!  An autographed Chris Cornell Soundgarden ticket stub signed just after his last performance has just been put up for sale on e-bay for $10,0000.

Chris Cornell Final Autograph Performance Death Date Soundgarden Ticket Stub May 17, 2017

What quite possibly makes this a rock history first is that Cornell signed a ticket with the date of both his last performance and his death May 17, 2017.  By all reports, Cornell who died of an apparent suicide at the MGM Grand Detroit seemed fine and in good spirits and even tweeted out this photo of The Fox Theatre marquee in Detroit, Michigan before the show.

Chris Cornell Death Detroit Last Autograph Ticket

The eBay seller also said that Cornell signed a couple vinyl records and CD covers for him after the gig.  He included this photo of Cornell on stage the night of the show.

Chris Cornell Soundgarden Last Performance Autograph May 17, 2017

It reminds me of this story I wrote about Cornell’s fellow grunge rocker from Seattle Kurt Cobain and the strange story behind his final autograph. Click link or photo below to read about it…

Kurt Cobain Last Autograph Seattle Sea-Tac Airport April 2, 1994 dated April 5, 1994 Nirvana

Did Kurt Cobain Forecast His Date Of Death On His Final Autograph???

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