Kurt Cobain Wore A Sonic Youth T-Shirt For Nirvana’s Last Performance Ever

Nirvana performed their last show on March 1, 1994 at Terminal 1 in Munich, Germany.  Here’s a screenshot of Cobain on-stage that night.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Last Show Ever Sonic Youth Japan T-Shirt Germany

The shirt Cobain was wearing that night was a Sonic Youth 1992/93 Astronaut Japan T-Shirt that he also wore in October of 1993 in Lawrence, Kansas when he met one of his idols writer William S. Burroughs.

Kurt Cobain WIlliam S. Burroughs Meeting 1993

The legendary T-Shirt was put up for auction in 2014. It was obtained by Michael Dever, a promoter’s representative in Germany who says that Cobain had left the T-Shirt in the dressing room at Terminal 1 after the show. After it was brought to his production office, Dever tried to return the shirt, but Cobain had no interest in taking it back.


Kurt Cobain Sonic Youth T-Shirt Last Nirvana Performance 1994 Germany


Kurt Cobain Sonic Youth T-Shirt Last Nirvana Performance 1994 Germany

The final price the shirt fetched at auction was a cool $25,000.

Kurt Cobain Sonic Youth T-Shirt Nirvana Last Performance 1994 Auction

For those that can’t afford a $25k vintage Sonic Youth tee, you can get a cheap knock-off of this shirt on ebay for about $20.  For more about Nirvana’s last concert, click the link below…

Nirvana Terminal 1 Germany Last Show Ticket Pass 1994

Nirvana’s Last Show at Terminal 1 Munich, Germany March 1, 1994

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