Sharon Osbourne Once Again Scamming Ozzy Fans By Selling Fake Autographed “Ordinary Man” Albums

Ozzy Osbourne released his new solo album “Ordinary Man” on February 21, 2020.  In a ploy to get the album to #1 by his shrewd manager/wife Sharon Osbourne, on February 26, 2020 Ozzy Osbourne’s Official Twitter tweeted this:

Ozzy Osbourne Autographed Ordinary Man CD Autopen

I thought I was lucky and ordered 4 “Autographed” CD’s at $14.00 each ($74.12 total including shipping). Today on April 8, 2020 my “LIMITED EDITION AUTOGRAPHED CD’S” showed up in the mail and sadly, none of them are hand signed or autographed by Ozzy.  These CD’s are signed with a silver sharpie by a machine like the one below called an Autopen.

Sharon Osbourne Scam Ozzy Fans Autopen Autograph Ordinary Man

They tried to be really sly about it and used 3 different Ozzy signatures on the machine.  I ordered 4 CD’s, so of course one of them had to be exactly the same as another one. The two #1 graphs are exactly the same and all of them are placed in the same spot.  If you have any of these 3 autographs, it is a 100% fake autopen graph and you should ask for a refund from Ozzy Osbourne/Music Today.

Fake Autopen Ozzy Osbourne Autographs Sharon

Nowhere during the ordering process did the Osbourne’s or their record label state that these CD’s were not going to be hand-signed by Ozzy himself.  If I had bought the CD’s on eBay for $14, I wouldn’t expect them to be the genuine article but since it was purchased directly from Ozzy’s website and promoted by the man himself, you would expect them to be authentic. It’s not a completely surprising move by Sharon and Ozzy though, The Osbourne’s have a history of these sorts of things.  Like the time they Resorting To Removing Bill Ward From Old Black Sabbath Photos or Re-recorded Drums & Bass on “Blizzard of Oz” & “Diary of a Madman” After Royalty Dispute.

Black Sabbath Bill Ward Removed From Photo

Instead of making things right, The Osbourne’s are also deleting all comments from fans complaining about being duped on Instagram & Facebook. It just really sucks that during this pandemic, they decide to stick it to the fans just so the record can go to #1 and line their pockets with more money while people are struggling.  I am going to demand a full refund from these con artists (I’ll keep you posted).

At least when Jimmy Page STAMPED his book he was completely honest about it and showed up at the book signing with stamp in hand. Read about that one below…

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Stamping Book November 11, 2014 Los Angeles

Jimmy Page’s Book “Stamping” Tour

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