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Kurt Cobain Nirvana Flipper Shirt Worn Free

Kurt Cobain’s “Do It Yourself” Flipper Band T-Shirt

The Flipper band logo was made famous when Kurt Cobain made a “do it yourself” Flipper shirt backstage at Saturday Night Live when Nirvana performed on SNL for the first time on January 11, 1992. The “Cobain Flipper” became the popular logo because he continued to wear the Shapie’d shirt in concerts, in the “Come As You Are” music video and in photo shoots for the Nirvana “In Utero” album.

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Kurt Cobain’s Siblings

Kurt Cobain Sister Kimberly Wendy Donald Family Photo

Kurt Cobain had 3 siblings. Sister – Kimberly Dawn Cobain (b. April 24, 1970), Brother – Chad Cobain (b. January 1979), Sister – Breanne O’Connor (b. 198?) Kimberly Dawn Cobain Breanne O’Connor Chad Cobain

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