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Led Zeppelin Swan Song Inc. Logo Record Label

The Led Zeppelin “Swan Song” Records Logo

Swan Song Records is the now defunct record label launched by Led Zeppelin on May 10, 1974. Here is the Swan Song Inc. logo directly from their letterhead. The Swan Song company logo was based on this 1869 painting by painter William Rimmer called “Evening” or “The Fall of Day”, featuring a picture of the Greek god Apollo.

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Jimmy Page Olympic White Fender Stratocaster John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones Returned Jimmy Page’s Olympic White Fender Stratocaster After Borrowing It For Over 30 Years

This Olympic White Fender Stratocaster was used by Jimmy Page to record rhythm tracks on the Led Zeppelin songs “Thank You” and “Ten Years Gone” in June 1969 at Morgan Studios, in Willesden, North London, England. At some point after the session, Page loaned the Strat to John Paul Jones. In September 2007, Jones finally returned the “long-tern loan” Strat back to Page during rehearsals for their reunion show in California around September of 2007 more than 30 years after he borrowed it. Page took these photos with the guitar a few days later..

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