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Pink Floyd Snowy White Guitar Solo Pigs on A Wing Animals 8-Track

Today I Learned: Pink Floyd Made A Special “Pigs On The Wing” Version For 8-Track Players Only

When Pink Floyd released “Animals” in January of 1977, the album had a very strange track listing. It only had a total of 5 songs and two of them Pigs on the Wing (Part 1 & Part 2) were each only 1:25 long. Because of the strange track listing and because of 8-track technology Floyd had to make a special version of Pigs on a Wing by linking part 2 and part 1 with a guitar solo.

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The Classic 1997 Pink Floyd “Back” Catalogue Poster

This classic picture commissioned by EMI back in 1997, to cleverly advertise the release of the “back” catalogue of Pink Floyd was taken at a private indoor pool in Putney (London Borough of Wandsworth) by photographer Tony May. The still unknown nude models had the cover art of six Pink Floyd albums painted onto their backs by artist Phyllis Cohen.

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