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Led Zeppelin To Reunite for Desert Trip 2017 Festival???

April 28, 2017 – I have some well placed sources in the industry telling me that Robert Plant has agreed to reunite Led Zeppelin for Desert Trip 2017. A few days ago Plant’s official website www.robertplant.com changed to black with only this eerie message on the screen!!!

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Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Flower Crown

Sadly, The Robert Plant “Flower Crown” Photos Are Fake

Every year at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival the hippie inspired “Flower Crown” makes a comeback and is proudly worn all around the desert. I recently noticed a few photos making their way around the internet of Robert Plant in his Led Zeppelin glory days wearing a “Flower Crown”.

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Fact: Led Zeppelin Was Once Presented Gold Records At A Live Sex Show

Here’s a good example, check out this photo of Led Zeppelin receiving their very first gold record with manager Peter Grant and the man that signed them, Jerry Wexler on July 22, 1969 at The Plaza Hotel in New York. Then this happened on March 5, 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden to commemorate the sales of the “Houses Of The Holy” album.

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