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Best Portrayal Of A Musician: Val Kilmer As Jim Morrison Or Gary Busey As Buddy Holly?

In my opinion these are the two best performances by an Actor portraying a Musician. They both make you forget that they are actually acting and that they actually are not Jim Morrison or Buddy Holly. They did an amazing job looking and and acting like the person they are portraying. Let us know who you think did a better job…

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Jim Morrison’s Last Show With The Doors December 12, 1970 At The Warehouse New Orleans

Here’s a photo of Jim Morrison performing with The Doors for the last time on December 12, 1970. It was at the show that keyboardist Ray Manzaek said, he felt Morrison ”leave the stage” even though Morrison was still standing in front of the microphone. When his spirit returned, Morrison smashed a hole through the stage with his microphone stand ending the concert early.

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Jim Morrison Last Photo France June 28, 1971 Creepy Kid Photos

The Last Photos of Jim Morrison Alive – June 28, 1971

Jim Morrison died in Paris, France on July 3, 1971. The last known photos of Morrsion alive were taken on June 28, 1971 by friend Alain Ronay in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, France six days before his death. The series of photos show Morrison wearing a pink shirt and blue sweater around his shoulders and his long-term partner/girlfriend Pamela Courson.

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