Oasis Songs With Beatles References

Just about every musician has been influenced by or has used some type of Beatle lyric, riff, melody or reference in their music.  But no band has made a career out of it like Oasis has.  The cool part is that they are pretty blatant about it and have never denied it.  They even recruited the son of Beatle Ringo Starr, Zack Starkey to play drums for them from 2004-2008.

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As a big fan of both The Beatles and Oasis, I have put together a comprehensive list of Oasis songs that have references to Beatles songs, lyrics, titles, etc.  I made sure to not be stupidly obvious, for example “Oasis used the word Love and so did The Beatles“.

Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? The Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Mash Up Combined

So here it is…These are just the 7 full length studio albums released by Oasis.  I will add the B-sides and solo stuff that is also littered with references later.  Please feel free to leave a comment if I forgot something.



Shakermaker – “I’d like to build myself a house out of plasticine

Lucy in The Sky WIth Diamonds – Lyric uses the line “plasticine porters with looking glass ties”

Supersonic – “You can sail with me in my Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine – (Name of Beatles Song, Beatles Movie and Beatles Album)



Roll With It – “Cause it’s all too much for me to take

It’s All Too Much – Beatles song written by George Harrison for Yellow Submarine – Oasis uses the entire Lyric “it’s all too much for me to take”.

Wonderwall – “And all the roads we have to walk are winding

The Long And Winding Road – Reference to the Paul McCartney song on Let it Be

On a side note – George Harrison wrote the music for the Movie Wonderwall that inspired this song.


Don’t Look Back In Anger – “So I’ll start a revolution from my bed

Revolution – Reference to the John Lennon single “Revolution” and John and Yoko’s Bed in for Peace

Morning Glory – “Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon”

Tomorrow Never Knows – Beatles song title writen by John Lennon from the Revolver album.

BE HERE NOW (1997)


D’You Know What I Mean (2 references) – “The fool on the hill and I feel fine

Fool In The Hill (Magical Mystery Tour) and I Feel Fine (Beatles A-Side Single)

My Big Mouth – “Down the long and winding road”

The Long And Winding Road – Another reference to the Paul McCartney song on Let it Be.

Fade In-Out – “So get on the helter skelter

Helter Skelter – Song title and Chorus written by Paul McCartney for the The Beatles (White) Album

on a side note: Oasis also did a cover of Helter Skelter.

Be Here Now – “Sing a song for me one from ‘Let It Be‘”

Let It Be – Title of A Beatles Song, Movie and Album.

On a side note:  The album title Be Here Now comes from a George Harrison song off his “Living In The Material World” album.  Also, The license plate  on the car on Be Here Now album cover is the same license plate number of a car on The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.



Go Let It Out! – “go let it out, go let it in”

Hey Jude – (Beatles single written by Paul McCartney) – “so let it out and let it in”

Little James (2 references)- “Have you ever played with plastercine

Lucy in The Sky WIth Diamonds – Lyric uses the line “plasticine porters with looking glass ties”

“You swam the ocean like a child

Julia – off The Beatles (White Album written by John Lennon) – “Julia, Julia, oceanchild, calls me”



Stop Crying Your Heart Out – “Shine on (shine on)”

Instant Karma John Lennon Solo – “Well we all shine on”

Born On A Different Cloud – “Living on borrowed time

Borrowed TimeJohn Lennon song from the Milk and Honey album uses the lyric “Living On Borrowed Time”

Busy working overtime

Happiness Is A Warm GunBeatles song on The Beatles (White) Album – “Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime

On a side note: There are several obscure reference in this song to several John Lennon songs. Also, the song ends with the lyric “Not until your war’s won” which i think is a reference to the movie How I Won The War (1967) starring John Lennon.



Turn Up The Sun – “And I look right through

I’m Looking Through You – Lyric and Song from Beatles Rubber Soul Album.

Part Of The Queue – “well I say what a pity”

Isn’t It A PityGeorge Harrison song from All Things Must Pass Album.

Let There Be Love – “it’s gonna pass you by”

Don’t Pass Me ByRingo Starr song title from The Beatles (White) Album.



The Turning – “Mine is a dream and it won’t be long

It Won’t Be Long – Song title off the first track of the With The Beatles Album

Waiting For The Rapture (2 Beatle References)- “Revolution in her head”

Revolution – Song title from The Beatles single Revolution.

Cha Cha Cha” in the breaks – Same as the Cha Cha Paul McCartney does in Hello, Goodbye from the Magical Mystery Tour Album.

On a side note: This song is almost an exact copy of Five To One by The Doors.

The Shock Of The Lightning – “Love is a litany, A magical mystery

Magical Mystery Tour – Title of an Album, Movie and Song by the Beatles written by Paul McCartney.

I’m Outta Time – Actually has a John Lennon interview voice over it says…”As Churchill said, it’s every Englishman’s inalienable right to live where the hell he likes. What’s it going to do, vanish? Is it not going to be there when I get back?”

Ain’t Got Nuthin’ – “all I want is the truth”

Gimme Some Truth – Lyric From John Lennon’s Imagine Album.

Soldier On – “Don’t be long”

Blue Jay Way – Lyric from George Harrison song from Magical Mystery Tour Album “Please don’t be long please don’t you be very long”

Another Oasis Tribute To The Beatles In Their “Stand By Me” Video

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