Nirvana’s Last Show at Terminal 1 Munich, Germany March 1, 1994

Nirvana performed for the last time on March 1, 1994 at Terminal 1 in Munich, Germany.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Last Show Concert Terminal 1 Munich Germany March 1, 1994

The venue, Terminal 1 was the international airport of Munich, Germany until it was closed down on May 16, 1992, the day before the new airport opened.  Since then it has been used for concerts and raves.

Terminal 1 Munich Germany Nirvana Last Show March 1, 1994

Here’s a ticket to Nirvana’s final concert.

Nirvana Terminal 1 Germany Last Show Ticket Pass 1994

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Final Concert Germany

Nirvana’s last  concert only lasted 80 minutes (one of the shortest shows from the tour).  Kurt Cobain had a sore throat and eventually lost his voice during the show due to bronchitis.  After this show the rest of the tour was cancelled.  Here is the final setlist for Nirvana’s last show…

Nirvana Last Show Terminal 1 Germany March 1, 1994 Kurt Cobain Set List

The 23 song set began with an off-the-cuff version of The Cars “My Best Friend’s Girl”,  Krist Novoselic then sang a few lines from another Cars song “Moving In Stereo” before Nirvana tore into the standard opener for this tour, “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”.  

Check it out…

They did not play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Novoselic jokingly alluded to the band’s demise:

“We’re not playing the Munich Enormodome tonight. ‘Cos our careers are on the wane.  We’re on the way out. Grunge is dead.  Nirvana’s over…our next record’s going to be a hip-hop record!”

Twelve songs later, after Cobain’s throat wrenching version of “Heart-Shaped Box”, Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl & Pat Smear) left the stage forever.

Here’s the audio of their final song played live.

audio only

Two days later on March 3, 1994, Kurt Cobain overdosed in a hotel in Rome.  Read that story here….

The Rome Hotel That Kurt Cobain Overdosed In


  1. Jonny V says:

    I can't believe Justin Bieber was born on this day… that's just a little too perfect.
    Also, I love the Cars cover. That was brilliant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the sudden my water broke…

  3. says:

    Hey idiot!!! Kurt Cobain did not overdose, he comitted suicide at his own place!!!! Man, how can you get that wrong??!?!!!?!?!!!!!

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    My, bad, the way you put overdosed, sounded like he died……..Please delete my posts… Thank You…

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