Jack White’s Mugshot After Fist Fight With Von Bondies Singer In 2003

Here’s the pretty cool looking mugshot of Jack White from December 13, 2003 in Detroit, Michigan.

Jack White The White Stripes Mugshot 2003 Arrest Von Bondies

White was arrested after he got in a brawl with Jason Stollsteimer of the band Von Bondies at the Majestic Theatre Center, in a Detroit night-club called ‘The Magic Stick’.  Here’s what the “Magic Stick” looks like…


This was the second time the two had been in a physical altercation over the unresolved issues surrounding the producer credit that White believed he deserved on the 2001 Von Bondies album, “Lack of Communication”.  Here’s the album credits…

Von Bondies Lack Of Communication Jack White Jim Diamond

The Von Bondies who had opened shows for The White Stripes all agreed that Jim Diamond (engineer) and not Jack White did most of the production work on the album.  White denied their claims and personally placed his own name on the credits of “Lack of Communication” as the sole producer.  White and Stollsteimer eventually ran into each other and this is what Stollsteimer looked like after they met up…

Jack White Fight Von Bondies_Jason Stollsteimer

von bondies Jason Stollsteimer jack white

Here’s what Stollsteimer looks like without the black eyes and bloody face.

Jason Stollsteimer Von Bonies Fight Jack White

Guess who won the fight???  In March 2004, Jack White plead guilty to aggravated assault, was made to pay $750 (including court costs) and to attend anger management classes.  Here’s Mr. White at his court appearance.

Jack White Detroit Court Appearance Von Bondies Fight 2003 2004

Here is the police report filed after the incident…


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  1. XOXOVAMPIRE says:

     That has got to eb the seiest mug shot ever!!!! XD


  2. irresistability@hotm says:

    I'm assuming the previous commentator meant SEXIEST??  My sentiments EXACTLY.  As a matter of fact I have this pic saved to my hard drive.  There is something about it…I'm not even a huge White Stripes fan.  Like their music though and think that Jack is an enormous talent (as well as a force in the ring).  God, I would have loved to have f*cked the shit out of him that night.  Lol.  Totally serious….xoxo baby…you got it.

    1. mike@gmail.com says:

      You do realize that the mug shot is of the guy that Jack beat the hell out of and not actually him right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    actually the mug at the top IS Jack White, the goober he beat up is in the pics below.  yeah… who do ya think won THAT fight? 😛

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tons of respect lost for Jack White, what a tool…. 

  5. bananasplit.perry1@gmail.com says:

    jack white is still amazing even if he beat sum dude up

  6. shawnmonster070 says:

    Jack White is without a doubt a very talented musician but it was more of an attack on Jason Von Bondie and not a “fight” as claimed here. I have heard employees of Encore Records in Ann Arbor all agree that it was NOT a fight but an attack. Jack White is also a little prick who refuses to give credit where credit is due: Jim Diamond. The genius at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, the town that Jack refuses to claim his hometown now. Jack White is full of little white lies including Meg being his sister when she is supposedly his ex wife. The Meg White sex video scandal is most likely what drove Meg to a nervous breakdown. The scum that taped the sex act most likely did it without Meg’s consent. Small pinhole cams like the one most likely used in the Paris Hilton sex tape were probably used. Chloe Sevigny used a pinhole cam in Julien Donkey Boy via Harmony Korine. Easily Hidden. All victims of douche bags. All blamed by morons on Youtube as if they knew they were being taped. Jason Von Bondie is a cool guy even though he refused to allow me to tape the Von Bondies at The Blind Pig. His right though to not be taped since he owns the stupid copyrights to his songs. I can respect that. F**k Jack White. I know most women want to. He is a narscisstic self indulgent jerk who now plays in bands like The Raconteurs or whatever that suck. White Stripes forever !

  7. evilazula says:

    WOW… mugshots aren’t supposed to be attractive! Well, he just made it so!

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