Robert Plant Playing Soccer in a “Man Bikini” Speedo

Robert Plant playing soccer in a speedo sporting a Wolverhampton Wanderers Jersey!!!  This classic photo was taken in 1977/1978 by paparazzo Brad Elterman at a park in Encino California.

(please note the rapist van in the background)


Elterman said,

“It was 1978 and I was living with my parents in Sherman Oaks and one day I got this frantic message from my pal and fellow photographer Richard Creamer telling me that Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin was kicking a soccer ball down the street from me in Encino!  Plant was in town with Led Zeppelin playing a string of sold-out concerts at The Forum in Los Angeles.  I showed up and there he was right in front of my eyes glaring right into the lens of my camera. He was prancing around the field in a pair of Speedos and clearly NOT happy that I was taking his photo!  He came up to me (with his surly roadies acting as bodyguards) and demanded my business card. “I want your business card,” he screamed and then threatened me that I would never work again in Los Angeles; but hey, it was my town.  It is an incredible rush when a major star tells you that you will never work again.”

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Soccer Speedos

Once the action got heavy Plant ripped off his Wolverhampton kit and played with his shirt off…

Robert Plant Soccer Shirtless Speedo Los Angeles Wolverhampton

Robert Plant Named The Vice President Of The Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

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