Michael Jackson’s Protruding Bone/Vein in “Thriller” Fold-Out Photo

The original “Thriller” record opened up and showed the full body shot of Michael Jackson laying on his side while holding the baby tiger on his knee.  As a kid, I was always intrigued and somewhat freaked out by the inside of MJ’s wrist.  I know we all have that bone but his sticks out a little more than it should be.

Michael Jackson Thriller Album Fold Out Tiger White Suit Bone

Photoshop would have cleaned that up these days. Here’s a close-up…

Michael Jackson Bone Protruding Thriller Album Fold Out

Now this really really freaks me out.  Check out “The King of Pop’s” image appearing in the flowers at his funeral services.

Michael Jackson Ghost Image MJ Memorial Stevie Wonder Performance

OMG!!! Michael Jackson’s Image Appears In Flowers During Stevie Wonder Performance At MJ Memorial


  1. indiefab says:

    Not a vein.  Those are tendons sticking out from his wrist as he flexes his hand to hold onto that tiger.  It is so prominent because he was so dang skinny.

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