Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) Saul Goode & Les Dudis Guitar Picks

Dave Grohl has always had a pretty awesome sense of humor.  His  humor comes out in his music videos, photographs and interviews.

Dave Grohl Guitar Picks

A friend of mine gave me a few DG Foo Fighters guitar picks and even those are hilarious.  Check it out…

 Saul Goode

Dave Grohl Guitar Pick Foo Fighters Saul Goode

Dave Grohl Saul Goode Guitar Pick Foo Fighters

Les Dudis

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters Les Dudis Guitar Pick

Actually, Grohl seems to use the alias Les Dudis for lots of things.  Check out the screen credits for his Off Camera with Sam Jones interview…

Dave Grohl Les Dudis Sam Jone Interview Off Camera Guitar Pick Foo Fighters

In case you were wondering…Dave Grohl uses Dunlop .71mm Gator Grip guitar picks.  His Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain also used Dunlop picks, click below to check it out..

What Guitar Pick Did Kurt Cobain Use???

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