Same Song??? Pearl Jam “Footsteps” & Temple Of The Dog “Times Of Trouble”

There are two versions of almost the same song by two different groups but the groups are almost one in the same.  Sounds complicated doesn’t it???

Times of Trouble” by Temple of the Dog & “Footsteps” by Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder Chris Cornell Times of Trouble Footsteps Pearl Jam

Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam share their city (Seattle), share band members (Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament & Eddie Vedder) and also share the same guitar riff for their respective songs.  Here’s how it breaks down…

Eddie Vedder heard an instrumental version of a Gossard song he had recorded with Ament and McCready and wrote the lyrics to “Footsteps“.  At the very same time, the guys were putting together the Temple of the Dog album where Chris Cornell heard that song and really, really liked so he semi-rearranged it to fit some words.

Technically speaking, Vedder’s version came first. As Vedder says,

Chris has his version and I have mine.”

Pearl Jam – “Footsteps” – Eddie Vedder

Temple of the Dog – “Times Of Trouble” – Chris Cornell

The Pearl Jam version was recorded live on May 11, 1992 and released September 27, 1992 as a B-side on the “Jeremy” single.  The Temple of the Dog album was released on April 16, 1991 as a tribute to Andrew Wood, the lead singer Mother Love Bone.

Mother Love Death Andrew Wood Death

The Tragic Death of Mother Love Bone’s Andrew Wood

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