Nirvana’s Lithium Single Artwork Includes A Sonogram Of Frances Bean Cobain

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain had her first photo featured in the artwork of the Nirvana “Lithium” single before she was even born.


A picture of her sonogram appears on the back cover of the Lithium single.  Frances’ middle name “Bean” comes from the shape she appeared in the sonogram.  Kurt thought she looked like a kidney bean.


The Lithium single was released on July 21, 1992 and Frances Bean Cobain was born in Los Angeles on August 18, 1992.  Here are some photos of a grown up Frances Bean Cobain wearing her fathers pajama pants for an Elle Magazine photo shoot.



These are the same pajama’s Kurt wore on his wedding day to Courtney Love.


Frances is all grown up now. Click below to check out her very revealing modeling pictures…

Frances Bean Cobain Is All Grown Up…Check Out These New Modeling Pictures


  1. llama29 says:

    Where did you get that “fact”???
    It’s so retarded.
    A sonogram looks like a 2d blury thing. Just search any on google images.
    That is a fetus model, or maybe a real fetus that’s been “plastinated” (search for the work done in the “Body Worlds” exhibitions) but certainly not a real sonogram. Hence, not Frances Bean Cobain’s sonogram! 😀

  2. ctctc says:


    This infomation is correct. The sonagram is on the back of the single, but the artwork in this article is not the sonogram. The artwork shown here is a paintinf by KC

  3. feelnumb says:

    Thanks for the info. Took care of it and aded the correct photo from the back of the Lithium single. Thanks.

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