Why Did Kurt Cobain Write FUHGAWZ On His Shoe???

In this Nirvana band photo, Kurt Cobain apparently wrote “FUHGAWZ” on his left shoe to make fun of Peal Jam’s Eddie VedderVedder once wrote “Fuhgawz” on his shirt just before a photo shoot, intentionally misspelling the word Fugazi, which is a punk band from Washington, DC.  Kurt who didn’t like Pearl Jam did this to basically make fun of  Vedder.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana FUHGAWZ Show Eddie Vedder

Both of Kurt’s shoes had it written on them in two different spellings of the name.  Check out the right shoe, it looks like he spelled it “FOOGAYZEE”.

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Shoe Writing Fuhgawz

This hi-res photo gave me the best view of Kurt’s shoe.  He actually wrote FOOGAUZIE on one shoe and FUHGAWZ on the other.

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Sharpie Shoe Fugazi Fuhgawz Foogauzie Eddie Vedder

Kurt Cobain Show Sharpie Fugazi Fuhgawz Foogauzie Eddie Vedder

Never the less Vedder never talked bad of Cobain and even wore this shirt on SNL the week Kurt died.

Eddie Vedder’s Salute To Kurt Cobain On SNL

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