Foo Fighter Dave Grohl’s Cover Of Creed’s “Arms Wide Open”

Check out Dave Grohl covering the Creed hit song “Arms Wide Open” during a soundcheck for a cable TV show.  His impromptu imitation of Creed lead singer Scott Stapp is spot on…

Grohl’s  hilarious second verse lyrics…

The way I please
I pray now
I’m on my knees
I went to church
On Sunday
Start the band
Start to get paid

With Arms Wide Open
Into the Pew’s in church

In December of 2005,  Scott Stapp taped an episode of Casino Cinema, a celebrity poker show on the cable channel Spike TV. He was obviously intoxicated – curses incessantly, hits on host Beth Ostrosky (Howard Stern’s wife) and claims Dave Grohl has “a little cock” and pretty much makes himself look like the jack ass he is.

This Joke Works The Same For Both Creed & Nickelback

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