Paul McCartney’s “BASSMAN” Sticker On His Hofner Violin Bass

If you watch The BeatlesLet it Be” movie you will see that Paul McCartney’s 1962 Höfner 500/1Violin bass has a BASSMAN sticker on it.

Paul McCartney Bassman Sticker Hofner Bass

Here’s a close-up of the BASSMAN sticker.

Paul McCartney The Beatles BASSMAN sticker Let It Be Hofner Bass

The sticker was not a description of McCartney and the instrument he plays, the sticker was taken from a Fender Bassman amplifier.  It is rumored that Paul’s actual sticker came from the box that John Lennon’s Fender ‘Bassman’ amp was sent in.  Here’s what a Fender Bassman amp looks like.

Paul McCartney BASSMAN AMP Paul McCartney Sticker

The sticker changed positions on his bass a few times before being taken off completely.  Here’s a photo taken during the “Let it Be” sessions at  Twickenham Studios which shows the sticker in a horizontal position on McCartney’s Hofner Bass.

Paul McCartney BASSMAN Sticker Hofner Bass The Beatles

For The Beatles final rooftop concert the sticker was slightly angled up.

Paul McCartney BASSMAN Sticker Let It Be Rooftop Concert Hofner Bass

Not quite sure when the sticker was officially removed but it never appeared again after the rooftop concert.

Paul McCartney’s Acoustic Texan With Detroit Red Wings Sticker


  1. Dan says:

    I have a vintage Bassman Cabinet circa '67 or '68 and it has the same sticker on the side of it written in teal blue.

    1. raul says:

      send us a picture if you can.

  2. McCartney says:

    I have a Höffner too, and here it is a picture of it with the same sticker.

    Ok, ok, it’s a Rock Band’s Höffner, but still a Höffner, isn’t?


    1. raul says:

      bad ass!!! thanks for the picture…

  3. Joe D. says:

    The strip of paper on the side of the Hofner, is the set list of the final Beatle concert. Macca never removed it. Its still on the Hofner today.

  4. Raz says:

    Forget the damn sticker, can anyone see what brand/model strings he is using

  5. sgman67 says:

    can anyone see what brand/model strings he is using

    "Long shiny ones"

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