The Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique Album Cover Photo Location

“…the best in men’s clothing. Call Paul’s Boutique and ask for Janice and the number is (718) 498-1043. That’s Paul’s Boutique and they’re in Brooklyn.” – Beastie Boys – “Ask For Janice”


The Beastie Boys album cover photo for Paul’s Boutique was taken at 99 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002. The album folds out to show an (almost) 360-degree panoramic view as seen from the corner of the Ludlow and Rivington streets. The Paul’s Boutique awning sign was hung on the building specifically for the cover photo shoot (but can clearly be identified as Lee’s Sportswear by the top sign).  Click below for the google street view…


Until early 2007, the building contained an eatery named Paul’s Boutique in honor of the album it was eventually renamed The Three Monkeys.

paul's_boutique_beastie_boys_photo paul's_boutique_awning_beastie

Here’s part of the fold out section…Beastie Boy Ad Rock is standing on the corner.


This is the same corner now.  Click for the google street view…


Beastie Museum has a whole page dedicated to the Paul’s Boutique corner.


  1. 13m2 says:

    in order to make better pictures, the Google Street view camera should not be on a pole on the roof of a car but closer to groundlevel instead. A polarizing filter will give a better colorsaturation of the cars, building and sky.
    maybe call Google and give them advice?

  2. michael diamond says:

    That's not the right corder in google street view. That's facing north. PB was on the south west corner.

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