Radiohead Was Named After The Talking Heads Song “Radio Head”

When Radiohead first got together at their Oxford school, they named their band, “On A Friday” because they rehearsed on Fridays in the music room.  After they were signed in 1991, they decided to change their name to the title of a song that was a band favorite, reggae tune called “Radio Head” off of the Talking Heads 1986 album True Stories.

That’s right another band with the word “head” in it…

Radiohead Talking Heads Band Name Radio Head Song

The Talking Heads song “Radio Head” was track number 6 on the album.

Talking Heads True Stories Album Radio Head Song Radiohead Band Name

The lyrics pretty much repeat the words “Radio Head” throughout.  Check out the song below…

Oh! picking up something good
Hey, radio head!
The sound…of a brand-new world.

Surprisingly, Radiohead’s debut album “Pablo Honey” took it’s title from a Jerky Boys skit.  Click below to hear it…

Radiohead “Pablo Honey” Album Title Came From A Jerky Boys Skit

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