John Lennon Co-Wrote The David Bowie Classic Song “Fame”

A little known music fact is that John Lennon provided supporting vocals/guitar and co-wrote the David Bowie classic song “Fame”.

John Lennon David Bowie Fame

This is how it all went down.  Bowie met John Lennon while staying in New York after finishing up the “Young Americans” sessions.  That meeting led to a jam session which led to a one-day studio session at Electric Lady Studios in January 1975.  First, Bowie covered and recorded The Beatles Lennon/McCartney song “Across the Universe” with the help of Lennon on backing vocals.

Then the pair recorded a new song inspired by a guitar riff by Carlos Alomar.  Lennon, who earlier had had conversations with Bowie bemoaning the nature of celebrity started singing “Fame!” over Alomar’s guitar riff.  The track was then hurriedly developed and recorded by Bowie, Lennon, and Alomar that night.  Lennon even received songwriting credit on the album.

Lennon played guitar and his vocals are also heard singing the repeated words “FAME, FAME, FAME” with his voice heard at fast, normal, and slow playback speeds.  Check it out…

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