Eddie Vedder’s First Band (Bad Radio) Performing “Better Man” In 1989

The San Diego based band Bad Radio was formed in 1986 but it wasn’t until 1988 that a kid named Eddie Vedder joined the band as lead singer. Here’s a photo of Bad Radio


During his time with the band he premiered the song “Better Man“, which would later become a classic Pearl Jam song.  This is the first taped performance in 1989 of Eddie Vedder with Bad Radio performing the song “Better Man,” which would be release five years later on the Vitology album.

Party is at Eddie’s house after the show!!!

Here’s the Bad Radio demo version of “Better Man“.

According to the ASCAP website, none of the Bad Radio members have writing credit on the song “Better Man“, only Eddie Jerome Vedder.

Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam ASCAP Better Man Writing Credit Bad Radio

Check out young Eddie Vedder’s yearbook photo below…

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  1. i.v says:

    ok, aaaah ! honestly… Eddi, you've been rockin for long time now, still sound Great ! let's admit that we are very lucky for Pearl Jam, union :) …. Betterman, is the kind of song that will never die… true that we have tendancy to dream in color, dream in red…. and so many out there are still waiting, watching the clock… she lies and says … a lots man sleep with wifes they'll never know… lovers come and go… (E.V.words)

    1. iav says:

      Merci…i just love Music, videos, better than t.v… and i like writting. Merci, makes me happy and it's fun!!! life is….what it is… Pearl Jam, from al the bands out there are my favorite… they are great musicians and they got lucky with E.V man… lots of videos… should keep me busy until I die…

  2. iav says:

    Wow !!! thanks for the drums… interesting and helpful to see that… Have to admit he is great ! the man.

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