John Lennon Makes Fun Of Paul McCartney’s “Ram” Cover

Paul McCartney’s second solo release after The Beatles was “Ram” released in May of 1971.  The album cover show McCartney on a farm holding a Ram by it’s horns…

Paul McCartney Ram Album Cover John Lennon Imagine Pig Photo

John Lennon believed that songs on “Ram” included jibes at him in the lyrics, including “Too Many People” and “Dear Boy“.  McCartney later said that only two lines in “Too Many People” were directed at Lennon.

“In one song, I wrote, ‘Too many people preaching practices,’ I think is the line. I mean, that was a little dig at John and Yoko.  There wasn’t anything else on “Ram” that was about them. Oh, there was ‘You took your lucky break and broke it in two.”

When Lennon released his “Imagine” album in September of 1971, the early editions of the album included a postcard featuring Lennon holding a pig in mockery of the “Ram” cover photograph of McCartney and the ram.  Here are the two photo’s side by side…

Paul McCartney Ram Album Cover John Lennon Imagine Pig Postcard

Lennon’s response musically was the song “How Do You Sleep?” where he sings,

“Those freaks was right when they said you was dead” and “The only thing you done was yesterday/And since you’ve gone you’re just another day”

Three pretty direct shots at McCartney; the first being about all the Paul Is Dead rumors. The next lyric being a reference to The Beatles’ 1965 song “Yesterday“, McCartney’s most popular song and the last a reference to McCartney’s hit single “Another Day“, released earlier in 1971.

On the back cover of of “RamMcCartney also included a rather vulgar photo of two beetle insects mating, as he felt The Beatles were “fucking him”.  Crazy times, Click below to see the photo…

Paul McCartney’s “Ram” Album Included A Photo Of Two Beetles Mating


  1. david stilwell says:

    have photo of john holding pig is it worth anything

  2. david stilwell says:

    have john holding pig whats it worth

  3. says:

    Are you taking about the photo that came in the Imagine album ?? It`s probably worth more if it came with the original lp still sealed in the original wrapper..I would check e-bay to see what they are going for.

  4. Ram is a great underrated record .Paul covered alot of different styles of music on that record .You can hear the beach boy influence .with songs like Dear Boy,Too many people, Heart of the country Uncle Albert, Ram on plus Great bass acoustic and electric guitar playing by Paul .John was jealous..

  5. alex says:

    I thought paul best songs were when He was in the beatles and John´s ones were in His solo career i.e. the imagine album and milk & honey vs paul´s contributions in the last 3 beatles records

  6. blankend says:

    I disagree

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