Sonic Youth’s Song “Bull In The Heather” Was Named After This Racehorse

Sometimes a song title really makes you think.  I always felt this was about the Sonic Youth song “Bull in the Heather”, the only single from their 1994 album “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star“.


That title is just too weird to not mean anything.  The band claim that the name came from a bumper sticker given to Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon from Bob Nastanovich of Pavement.  After doing a bit of research, this the actual Bull in the Heather.


“Bull In The Heather” (the horse) is the greatest son of Ferdinand, who won 1986 Kentucky Derby. Bull won the 1993 Florida Derby, ridden by Wigberto Ramos. According to the Palm Beach post April 30 2008 “Bull In The Heather” is retired at ‘Old Friends’ in Georgestown KY.


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